The Five Talismans

'Talisman I'          Oil on Canvas,    14 x 15.5cm,       2012

'Talisman II'         Oil on Canvas,    10.5 x 11.5cm,    2012 

'Talisman III'       Oil on Canvas,    15 x 17cm,           2012

'Talisman IV'       Oil on Canvas,    10.5 x 11.5cm,    2012 

'Talisman V'        Oil on Canvas,    14 x 15.5cm,       2012

The Five Talismans

Each image in this collection represents a symbolic memento, a moment in time which stands apart in the eye of the mind. These pieces portray emotional encounters which have become catalysts of dramatic life change.  They symbolise the second in time when you look into the eyes of a stranger and know they will change your life or the first glimpse of someone intriguing who you know deep within your heart will play a major role in your life. These tiny iconic images hold within them the magic of that first realisation never dulled by time or age.

The frames I have used are vintage ‘Cameo Creation’ and were first manufactured in the 1940’s in America. I love these objects because they are endowed with history. They have existed roughly the span of a human life and I find them very evocative of the passage of time. With their little imperfections and signs of age they are the perfect accompaniment to the ‘Five Talismans’ paintings.