Art Deco/Art Nouveau Japanese hand-embroidered silk kimono

I adore antique garments. They are things made in a world that no longer exists and to own pieces that were so personal to the people of that time is very special to me. Tonight I was lucky enough to come across this vintage 1920's/30's hand embroidered kimono from England. The colour is incredible and is reminiscent of the colours of the paintings in my last exhibition.

 'The Butterfly Gate' 2013 - Collection of the artist
'Sisters' 2010


What A Night

Last night New Plymouth was hit with rain and gale force winds. It sounded like the ocean was roaring around our house. The dogs needed constant attention and I was sure that at any minute one of the big trees right outside would come crashing down. We are on the top of a hill which didn't make things any better. The wind was howling and sometimes terrifying but this morning the air outside is still and we are lucky enough to have power but my heart goes out to those who spent a freezing night last night without it.

Extreme weather hitting much of the country has cut power to thousands of homes in Taranaki and caused the cancellation of flights and ferries in and out of Wellington.
Electricity provider Powerco says strong winds brought down trees over power lines in Taranaki, cutting power to 11,000 homes.
It says about 8000 homes are likely to have no power until Monday morning.
Areas affected include Kaponga, Kapuni, Opunake, Okato, Oakura, Omata, the eastern suburbs of New Plymouth, Waitara and Inglewood.
The Wellington and New Plymouth fire services received 150 callouts from midday to 10pm on Sunday, and one New Plymouth fire truck has been crushed by a falling tree.


Union Jack Curtains

Years ago I saw a pair of union jack curtains in the window of a store in Newmarket. They were huge and gaudy and I loved them to distraction but I couldn't have them. Life moved on and off to Australia we went. I never dreamed that many years later when we returned to NZ I would find them in a little store in New Plymouth. Today they became mine and I still can't believe it. I will hang them on the back wall of Nik's study with his carved desk in front. I love theatrical spaces and I can't wait for them to go up!