New Detash!

1 large antique Edwardian rose handmade applique large dress trim metal lace back gorgeous shade1 dozen flower  lovely vintage metal buttons pewter looking renaissance fair doublet trim intricate

I couldn't resist this Edwardian applique and these little silver buttons. Right now I am beginning to explore a new look which incorporates simple black dresses, boleros, applique and tribal jewelry. It will give me a chance to be a bit creative and enjoy the process of watching a piece develop. 


Antique velvet belt, black belt, boho, gothic, steampunk, beads
I just had to get this it's such a fabulous antique belt in great condition. Luckily for me it is a large Victorian size. I would like to embellish it a bit, I'm thinking some vintage metal trim and applique with a leather backing for support.
I really like chunky bracelets so I wrapped some vintage material around these two and embellished them a little. They look beautiful with the right outfit.

Antique Ottoman 1800s Red and Gold Embroidered Velvet Vest

Antique Ottoman 1800s Red and Gold Embroidered Velvet Vest Waistcoat

Antique Ottoman 1800s Red and Gold Embroidered Velvet Vest Waistcoat

I am so excited about my newest purchase. This antique vest was possibly part of a fortune tellers outfit! It is so beautiful that it doesn't matter if it wasn't. I love it anyway. 
(Gail if you are reading this it came from another Gail!)


A Place Of Beauty

Each of my works carries with it a piece of my life, reflecting the time and environment in which it was created. They are all incredibly personal and special to me and I am deeply honored when the work becomes a part of the narrative of other lives as well. It is with the greatest thanks to my dear friends Grant and Tasha that I am able to post this precious image of their collection. Their home is a monument to wonderful art, eclectic and soulful and completely reflects the warm and enthusiastic natures of their new owners. What a privilege it is to see these pieces happily situated and I'm sure very much loved.


On a summer evening I sat in our garden and wondered if Vincent Van Gogh might have seen something like this all those years ago.