Moon Drenched: Vintage Choker Necklace

My last purchase for 2012 is this incredibly beautiful one off necklace from the very talented Paula Nieves aka Morticia Snow. I get really excited when I find something so wonderful and evocative. It is always a pleasure to find other people who love taking discarded items and giving them a new life. I love her description of her pieces;

"I get excited over sparkly vintage jewels, lucky symbols, amulets, Halloween, Day of the Dead, religious pieces from all faiths, gypsy boho looks from my ancestors and flowers and forests. 
The vintage pieces themselves are a huge source of inspiration because they already have a past!

I love to design my accessories to tell a story - sometimes witty and whimsical, sometimes beautiful and romantic and sometimes dark and wild!"

A treasure trove of splendid pieces awaits at Morticia Snow on Etsy