View from my kitchen window II

I know I sound like a cracked record but this sunset was amazing, half burning sky, half baby blue. I love skies like this; so unreal that if I painted them they would look artificial and contrived but created by nature they take ones breath away.



The view from my kitchen window at sunset. I couldn't think of a more glorious place to live.


Honour Before All

Possibly one of the best sentiments on which to build a life;

Festival of Light

Above: The main lake. Below: Illuminated Poets Bridge, Right: The haunted canopy

Tonight we went down to Pukekura Park for the Festival of Light. It was enchanting meandering through the walkways crowded with glowing tree ferns and lanterns. You can take an illuminated boat out onto the lake and paddle around in the calm darkness. We watched people drifting around for a while then went exploring; gorging ourselves on the the glorious interplay of colour, light and shadow as children drifting through a dream.



At the moment anything which references Joan of Arc is fascinating to me and for some reason that I can't quite fathom I am also obsessed with gorgeous ink wells. I love the movement and the thick stylized figures of horse and rider in this sculptural piece. It's beautiful the way the sculptor has emphasized movement in the upward thrust of the arm and the curved banner. Right now I have just started work on a painting of Joan of Arc on horseback being lead by an angel and it seems appropriate to have this wonderful piece beside me possibly holding my brushes as I paint.

Merry Christmas

Christmas morning in New Plymouth
The first Christmas dinner in our new house.