RESERVED FOR FERN..3 Large Antique French Gilt Brass Picture Hook Covers Decorative Plaques 1880s...Paris apartment Chateau Chic

My avid trawling on Etsy has rendered yet another delight. I just found these charming Parisian Victorian crests designed as picture hook covers. There are five and only yesterday I began work on my fifth Jeanne d'Arc painting depicting the dream of Catherine de La Rochelle. I will use these in the upcoming exhibition at Linton & Kay, hanging my Jeanne d'Arc Cycle by chains attached to these.

I feel that these five paintings are by far my finest creations to date; detailed to the point of obsession expressing the wonder I feel at this fascinating woman's life. They show Jeanne under the fairy tree, the discovery of her sword at the church of Saint Catherine de Fierbois, the march to Orleans, the dream of Catherine de La Rochelle and Jeanne's spirit holding the banner she loved so dearly.