Lady Sea Star

Ladt Sea Star cushion created by SeraphSplendor

I know, I know, I should be saving my pennies for the upcoming exhibition in Paris and all the adventures that will entail but my mania for interior decorating and my fetish for objects that are beautiful and evocative took hold a couple of nights ago when I turned my attentions toward the guest bedroom. Our living room has a Gothic conservatory theme, Nik's study is based on a colonial war room, now the guest bedroom is taking on a personality all of its own; an Edwardian adventurers snug. 

Delicate shells of many varieties, little Egyptian figurines, an Azerbaijan wedding headdress and an ottoman jacket owned by a magician have all taken their places. On Wednesday the Moroccan lanterns will be hung and in the process of getting carried away by this other world I am creating I found this incredible cushion, a tiny work of maritime fantasy made by the very talented SeraphSplendor. I've been lucky enough to be able to add other pieces of theirs to my little jewel box of a house and I know this one will contribute its own wonder to the vision I have for the new room. 

It is on its way to its new home, tinkling as the shells fall against each other, this package passed from one hand to the next on its journey into mine. I love the moment wonderful things turn up on my doorstep; the process of unwrapping and discovering. It will take years before each of these rooms becomes perfect but it's a journey which I adore. I would have loved to have been an interior decorator if I wasn't an artist, ones living space should speak of its owner, enveloping one in the process of imagining.